Posted by: Clare | November 9, 2009

Another new start

I’ve had various successes with keeping online journals in the past. I was dedicated to LiveJournal for a long time, but I turned 27 yesterday and I think it’s about time I moved to a “grown up” blogging site. So, here I am wordpress.

I’m starting this blog with the idea that it will be a sort of travel journal: semi-reviews of places I go and activities I try. However since I am (sadly) not constantly traveling I imagine there will also be some journal elements to it too. I’ve read that to have a successfdul blog you need to have a consistent theme. To this I say that a) my theme is my life, which is pretty all over the place so I would expect for this to be too; and b) a “successful” blog is not my goal, I’m starting this with the intention of keeping a log for myself of the things I do and thoughts I have. If I meet anybody cool or manage to update my family and friends who live all over the place on my life in the process, that is a fabulous bonus.



  1. I see now you meant my OTHER blog. Haha. So the whole “I don’t know if it’s LA” thing doesn’t apply because the picture on my older blog is a picture I took… of L.A.! Haha.

    (And I just changed the appearance of my new blog.. so the comment REALLY doesn’t apply!)

  2. fantastic. you are very creative on myspace and facebook so I will follow you here as well 🙂

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