Posted by: Clare | December 18, 2009

Wait, it’s almost Christmas?

If you were to walk into my apartment at this time last year, you would have been bombarded with Christmas spirit. I had a 6′ Christmas tree in the living room, a 3′ one in the bedroom, and tons of random Christmas knick-knacks scattered around. All my gifts were wrapped in coordinated paper/ribbons and were placed under the tree. This, you would have thought, is a girl who loves Christmas. And you would have been correct.

This year however, Christmas has sort of snuck up on me. It is December 18, and I have yet to decorate my apartment, shop for gifts, or bake anything remotely holiday-ish. I am a Christmas failure. Now I face the dilemma of whether it is worth getting out all my Christmas stuff or not. I hate looking at it that way because hello, it’s Christmas! It’s pretty decorations! But really, I will be out of town December 24-27 so if I were to put up all my decorations say, tomorrow (because being realistic, there’s no way it’s happening tonight), I’d get 14 days of enjoyment from them before it was time to take them all down again, 10 of which I would be at work for most of the day.

Let 2009 be noted as the year I failed at Christmas.


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