Posted by: Clare | January 5, 2010

Ten On Tuesday (3)

It’s Ten on Tuesday (from Roots and Rings) time!

1. Are there any movies that inspire you to bake/cook?
Bridget Jones springs to mind. As endearing as her “blue soup” episode is, I’d prefer to avoid that happening to me. Also, Mermaids. Cher’s character creates the weirdest “meals” for her kids…which would be fun but not for every meal. I hope to be able to feed my future family, so I am teaching myself to cook!

2. What’s your favorite food blog and why?
I don’t follow a lot of them right now, pretty much the only one I visit regularly is Pioneer Woman. I’m excited to read other people’s answer to this question so I can check out more!

3. Who’s your favorite celebrity chef?
I don’t have one, they all irritate me in some way. I do love the Food Network though.

4. What’s your favorite kitchen tool?
Knife. I want good ones.

5. When it comes to cooking/baking, what’s your specialty?
I don’t have one, although some of my coworkers are mildly obsessed with my peanut butter cookies.

6. When in the kitchen, do you wear an apron, if so, any cute ones you’d like to share?
I don’t, but I might start! There are so many cute ones out there.

7. Is there anything that intimidates you when it comes to baking/cooking? (ex. Pie crust, yeast breads, sauces, etc…)
All of the above. Plus making a full meal intimidates me. I tend to make just one thing at a time, which often leaves me with what many people would not count as a full meal. “here, enjoy this delicious chicken, with no sides”. I’m working up to it!

8. What’s the weirdest gadget in your kitchen?
I don’t think I really have gadgets yet. I just used my garlic…mincer? crusher? thing…the other day for the first time. That was an exciting moment.

9. What’s your go-to music for cooking/baking?
I usually have the TV on. I am busy so I have to multi-task. Cooking and catching up on DVR shows is a good combination.

10. After several failures, what do you do to motivate yourself to get back in the kitchen to try again?
Luckily my failures have tended to be one timers, usually followed by something good. If I had a series of failures I’m not sure what I’d do. I am a fighter so I don’t tend to give up on things easily, so chances are I’d just keep on going and try other recipes.



  1. 2. I have just added like 4 or 5 to my Google Reader after reading through people’s answers!

    4. Click on the link in my blog. It’s the best knife and it’s not super expensive. My aunt and uncle cook all the time, they own really expensive knives but this one is their fave so they bought it for me.

    6. Aprons are a cheery way to cook!

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