Posted by: Clare | January 7, 2010

Horns up!

Tonight is the National Championship game for college football. It’ll be Alabama v. Texas, if you don’t follow these things (or if you don’t live here in Austin, where I would imagine it’d be hard to escape this knowledge even if you tried). I would be willing to bet that at least 80%, and probably more like 90%, of people in Austin are wearing burnt orange right now.

I’m wearing my one burnt orange “work shirt” (aka the only one I have that is slightly fancier than a regular t-shirt), have my nails painted burnt orange, and am wearing some free “game day beads” (burnt orange mardi gras beads in the shape of footballs) as a bracelet. Hook ’em. After work I will be changing into jeans and a regular burnt orange t-shirt and heading downtown to watch the game at the Alamo Drafthouse. The plan see, is that if Texas wins (DEAR GOD PLEASE LET TEXAS WIN) that we will be just a stones throw from joining the thousands of jubilant fans who will no doubt brave the arctic weather to run around in the street like maniacs fist pumping singing Texas songs and being generally excited.




  1. Sooo…. didn’t see that coming, did you? Sad sad day. But stil SO VERY PROUD to be a Longhorn. I’m suffering from a bit of depression today.

    • ugh I know! I had come to terms with the possibility that we might not win, but the reality wasn’t fun at all. Definitely proud though, they played hard. Poor, poor Colt.

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