Posted by: Clare | January 10, 2010

Adventures in the Kitchen (1)

I’ve decided to start posting my attempts at cooking on a weekly basis. I am hoping that this will encourage me to make at least one new recipe a week (one of my 2010 goals). Accountability, and all that.

If I could remember where I got them, I’d post links, etc. sadly, I can’t. I have a huge pile of printouts of recipes that I’ve collected over the past year or so that I’m trying to go through and I wasn’t organized enough to mark down where most were from as I printed them. If anyone wants any of them let me know and I’ll post (unless you want the Turkey Burger one, I threw that one out along with the burgers). I think these three were all from the Food Network site, but I’m not 100%.

1. Turkey Cheddar Burgers.
These were a big fail. I was really excited to break in my brand new George Foreman Grill, too. Irritating. I know where I went wrong though. I made two patties instead of 4 or 8 or however many I should have made and they were too fat for the grill, so they didn’t cook through evenly.

2. Cheesecake Brownies.
These were delicious, though they ended up being just Cream Cheese Brownies as the recipe I had said to use a 13×9 tray and I realized it was way too big, so transferred my mix to an 8×8 which caused it all to mix instead of be pretty and layered/marbled. Whatever, the brownies were delicious. I am also proud of myself for boxing half of them up and giving them to my downstairs neighbor. Making friends and NOT eating an entire tray of brownies = successful weekend.

3. Green Peas with Mint.
Delicious. Unless you don’t like peas. I do.


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