Posted by: Clare | January 14, 2010

2010, also known as the year my life will change dramatically. I hope.

At some point I want to post a list of goals for this year. I don’t like the term resolution, goals are more flexible and maybe I won’t beat myself up if I slack off on any of them. Spoiler alert: not beating myself up over every little thing is on the list.

For a lot of people I know 2009 seems to have been a pretty crappy year. It was for me, too. I can’t put my finger on exact reasons why it was crappy for me, it just was in general. I have a feeling about 2010, both that it will be better than 2009 and that it will bring with it some Big Changes. Hopefully good ones!

I’m not claiming to be psychic or anything (not at all). But for me it would be slightly odd if this year didn’t hold some Big Changes you see, because this is the year I FINALLY will finish my MBA program. I’m not going to wax lyrical (really, I know the context one should use this in, but what in the heck does it mean?!) about all the ups and downs of the MBA just yet, because there are still 2 semesters left and I do not want to jinx myself. However, if all goes as planned I will be one very happy (and probably slightly terrified, the Future: it is scary) girl on August 14.

Expect to hear more on this topic, it is already consuming my brain pretty much 24/7. When I’m not contemplating Snooki from Jersey Shore’s hair that is. I mean look at it, it defies gravity and she swears she doesn’t use a bumpit-thingymajig. Incredible.


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