Posted by: Clare | January 19, 2010

Goals for 2010 (and beyond)

In no particular order…

1. Lose weight.
In the past 18 months I gained around 50lbs. Before that I always had the stubborn 20lbs that I wanted to lose. So my goal is to lose 70lbs. I don’t expect for that to happen just in this year, but I want to get well on the way to it. I’m at an unhealthy weight for my height right now (though people I know swear I don’t look as heavy as I am, apparently I carry it fairly well, but at 5’4 I should NOT be this heavy) and am also just generally out of shape which affects my mood. So I don’t just want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons, but also for better health. I have to be careful with this because I have had so many issues with food in the past that putting myself on any kind of strict diet is asking for trouble, but I plan on making healthy choices as much as possible, keeping an eye on portion sizes, and exercising regularly.
So far I have been working on this goal for 1 week and have lost 2.5lbs. Go me!

2. Graduate with an MBA
I started the evening MBA course in Fall 2007. I am so ready to be done! I am about to begin my penultimate semester so the light really is at the end of the tunnel, I just have to push through the senioritus that I’m feeling and put my all into the last four classes.

3. Get my finances in order before I have to start paying back my student loans
I will have huge student loan payments to make in the not too distant future. This year I would like to get my car paid off, and my credit cards (I have two) well on their way to being paid off if not totally paid off.

4. Get a job!
This is a huge one. I need to either find a new job within my current company, or a new job at a different company. I don’t expect this to be easy, but it’s pretty exciting!
I have had a lunch meeting with one of my bosses/mentors at work, and I am almost done updating my resume, so I’m working through the very beginning of the job hunting process.

5. Cook at least once week, preferably more
There are several reasons I want to start cooking more. I want to learn to cook, so trying out recipes when it’s only me who has to eat them is a good way to learn, trial and error and all that. I want to manage my portion sizes and eat healthier, both of which are better done by cooking at home than eating out. And I want to save money, which cooking at home can apparently help with too.
Follow my efforts in this (and also updates on my working out/weight loss goal) in my “Adventures in the Kitchen” updates on Sundays. I have been trying to cook more for 2 weeks now and have made a total of four new recipes. I’m really enjoying it.


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