Posted by: Clare | January 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (6)

Wow, I’ve only posted once since my last Ten on Tuesday post. I’m such a blog slacker. But…here it is again, Ten on Tuesday! Stop by Roots and Rings to see everyone elses answers.

1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I’m generally not a tooter of my own horn, but I have several things that I am “most” proud of. But quietly proud usually, I don’t go around shouting from the rooftops or anything. However, since you asked…
I don’t want to jinx myself and somehow not graduate by saying this, but in August I hope that I will be very proud to have my MBA. For right now I am proud to almost have it. I have been going to graduate school at night and working full time for over two and a half years and it has been tough, so I am proud to have almost made it to the end!
I’ll keep the list to just two things. The second is that I am so proud of myself for deciding on a whim to move to Austin without a job, a place to live, any idea what it was like, anyone I knew within a reasonable distance, and very limited funds. Of doing that and making it work. Five years later I am still here and have made a life for myself.

2. How much did you weigh when you were born?
Just under two pounds. I weighed less than your average bag of sugar. I was over two months premature and had to be dressed in DOLLS CLOTHES because the preemie baby clothes fell off me. I would like to know where that skinnyness disappeared to, because I would like some of it now. Uh, proportionally speaking. I would not like to weigh two pounds currently, to be clear.

3. What is your favorite perfume?
I wore CKOne for years. I bought it for the first time when I was twelve and it was the new, cool perfume. Along with Tommy Girl and Tommy (the one for boys that still makes me gag if I catch a whiff of it because all the boys I knew back then would spray it very liberally). I was the only person I knew that stuck with it after it stopped being cool. After my last bottle ran out I decided I needed a “grown up” perfume and bought Burberry Brit Sheer, which I love but gave me a rash so I can only to the spray and walk into it method of application. I may switch back to CKOne, I am undecided.

4. How many siblings do you have?
I have two half sisters (both much older) from my dad’s first marriage. I also have my “Salt Lake Brother” who is really just a family friend but I call him my brother. His parents are my “Salt Lake Parents”, I’ve known all three of them my entire life and am as close to them as if they were my real family.

5. How many children would you like to have? (Or how many do you have?)
I can’t really make that decision (if I get to choose) until after I have my first child, but ideally probably two. I don’t know that I will ever be in a financial situation to have more but if I could afford it I wouldn’t be against it. Depending on how that first one goes of course.

6. What’s the best class you took in college?
My favorite was probably “213” which was a group project class where we had to create a piece of contemporary theatre by blending two mediums together. Ours was dance and film and I was so proud of our piece. The group went through some major setbacks but minus one person it was an AMAZING group of girls and we went through a lot together (good and bad) throughout the term.
My other favorite class was “Radical Theatre” – it was so interesting learning about all of the ways people have used Theatre to make changes (or try to make changes) in society and the way people view things.

7. What was your favorite game to play when you were a child?
Hungry, Hungry Hippo. Operation. Monopoly. I was probably most into Monopoly, I hated when other kids got bored when it lasted too long!

8. What character on Friends are you most like?
I think I’m a hybrid of Monica, Chandler and Rachel.
I’m a little OCD and set in my ways like Monica (on a milder level), I am sarcastic and slightly awkward like Chandler, and I love fashion and have the occasional ditzy moment like Rachel.

9. Are you a phone person? (ie: Do you like talking on the phone?)
I can talk to my mom for hours on the phone, but in general I am not a phone person. It sort of depends on who I am talking to I guess. I tend to just leave my cell phone on silent and call people back instead of answering calls as they come in.

10. What was the best vacation you ever took?
This is impossible for me to answer. I can’t think of a vacation or trip that I haven’t loved! I have been lucky enough to take a ton of trips to different places and I get something from each one.


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