Posted by: Clare | January 28, 2010

Let’s play a game…

We will call this game, “creepy or innocent?”

I am currently selling a pair of shoes on ebay. They are high-end designer shoes that I bought 2 years ago knowing they were a size too big but hoping I could make it work anyway (surprise, surprise, I couldn’t). This morning when I logged onto my account to see if I have any new “watchers” on the item I discovered someone had sent me a question. I clicked the link and was greeted with this:

Wow! Super cute shoes. Is there anyway that I
could get some additional photos of you or
somebody modeling them in a black nylon? It really
helps if you can see what they look like on before
putting in a bid…at least from my experience
from shoe shopping on-line. =)
Any additional shots would be greatly appreciated
Thanks so much!
– genxgeek

So, my question: is this creepy or innocent? On the surface it seems pretty innocent, it does make sense that someone might want to see shoes on before they buy them, especially when those shoes cost $400 and you can’t return them. BUT! Why the need specifically for “a black nylon”?! That sent my alarm bells ringing. Also, both the ebay id and the fact that much of what they have bought in the past seems to have been from ebay stores selling golfing supplies imply “male” to me. However, maybe that is just due to stereotyping and I’m not being fair? I just have a little alarm in the back of my head that says that if I were to take some pictures as requested that it would not be long before I turned up on some “nylons and heels” fetish website.

I responded with the following, all of which is true:
I am afraid that the shoes are currently at home and I am at work until after the bidding closes. This picture is very similar to the way they look on (my shoe is a little darker).

Edit: This has been on my mind entirely too much, but it also occurred to me that the use of the word “Nylons” is strange. Does anybody actually call them that? Personally I would never use that word. I’d say “tights” “hose” or “stockings” (depending on denier/full vs thigh/knee high, etc. etc.). Am I wrong in thinking (and this is entirely possible since I grew up in a different culture with different words for things) that “Nylons” is a term really only used by creepy old men these days?



  1. I’m going with creepy…I haven’t heard anyone call them nylons in a long time.

    (Sorry I’m just now commenting. I’m catching up on blog posts today!)

    • Yeah my final decision was creepy too! Especially since I got no reply to my response. It’s all just so wrong.

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