Posted by: Clare | February 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday (2)

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1. I cried at work this week. Just for a few minutes, but still. Plus people saw, which makes it worse. It wasn’t for any one reason, though of course there was one thing that set it off (one of my bosses snapped at me) so it looked like that was the reason.

2. The crying at work incident led me to evaluate my current mental state. I think that all of this uncertainty about the future, while exciting, is really taking a toll on my nerves.

3. On Tuesday I accidentally went to a kickboxing class at my gym. I mis-read the schedule and thought that I was going to a step class. I’m really glad that I made the mistake because kickboxing was fun! I had to leave half way through (I am REALLY not in good shape) but I made it to 30 minutes, and I will definitely be going back.

4. Back in October I drove up to Dallas for a night to hang out with one of my college friends, Katie, who was visiting from Oregon for a conference. She is a chiropractor, so she knows about chriopractor type things, and she was telling me that women who sleep on their side should sleep with a cushion or something between their knees. I think it’s something to do with hip alignment. I tried it one time a few weeks ago, and now if I don’t have a pillow between my knees while trying to sleep on my side, I am really uncomfortable and feel awkward. Strange.

5. I have a haircut tomorrow. I really need it, my hair is split ends central right now.

6. This week I discovered that my local grocery store sells little pots of fresh veggies, pre-chopped for use in cooking. I got one of onion and one of mixed bell peppers. I’m sure it works out more expensive than buying the vegetables whole and chopping them myself, but the time saved was wonderful. I’m all about doing things the easy way when it comes to cooking and these veggies seemed very fresh so I don’t think any flavor was lost.

7. I will be rooting for the Saints on Sunday.



  1. I have a chiropractor friend too! And I posted about her today too! Fun!

    Sorry about your emotional day. Those happen every now and again. It’s not fun but it’s definitely part of being a girl.

    • I am jealous that your chiropractor friend lives close to you, I need to go to a chiropractor in a big way!

      Random emotional moments are definitely a big part of being a girl. I tend to bottle the big stuff up and then something tiny will set me off, so people probably thing I’m really strange and bothered by the most random tiny things!

  2. Oh no. Sorry to hear about crying at work! I did that a couple weeks ago. I got some really bad news and was literally SOBBING in the bathroom and then tried to make myself look presentable before going back into the office. So awkward.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Oh no! Crying at work is the worst. I hope that you are doing ok now.

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