Posted by: Clare | February 12, 2010

Biggest Loser

Thanks to discovering Chelsea’s blog right before the current season of the Biggest Loser started, I am now obsessed with the show. As I’ve mentioned before, I am on a mission in 2010 to lose not only the 50lbs I gained in the past 18 months, but also the stubborn 20lbs I wanted to lose before that. 70lbs is a daunting goal, but watching the show has definitely inspired me. The contestants are seriously huge, and they are doing workouts I think I could never do. Think being the key word. Working out and losing weight is such a mental game. I have to be confident that I CAN make this happen, and I WILL make it happen.

In my first four weeks of working out I lost 4.1lbs. I have a feeling that I either didn’t lose or that I gained in week 5 as I didn’t work out at all this week. I’m mad at myself but trying not to beat myself up, because that’s usually what makes me fail. I beat myself up and lose motivation because, “there’s no point”, “I’m destined to be fat, ugly and alone”, etc. etc.

Tonight I signed up for the Biggest Loser Club, I’m hoping this helps me in reaching my goal faster and maintaining my focus. I have struggled with both eating disorders and exercise addiction in the past, so I have to be a little careful at being too obsessive at tracking my weight and workouts, but I am also pretty type A so it’s impossible for me not to find ways to track it and chart it!



  1. I wish you luck hon. I’m on a weight loss journey myself. Just stay positive and don’t let the little set backs derail you. You’ll get there! 😀

    • Thank you! Good luck with reaching your goals too, I love your blog and I plan on keeping up with your efforts!

      • Aww thanks, Clare. I plan on keeping up with your weight loss journey as well. I wish us both luck! 😀

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