Posted by: Clare | February 17, 2010

Baker’s delight

Last night while procrastinating from doing homework that is due tomorrow I decided to bake pumpkin-chocolate-chip muffins. I’ve never made any sort of muffin before so I was slightly intimidated, but turns out it’s a lot easier than I imagined! Today, in an effort to avoid stuffing my face with the entire batch while frantically doing that homework late into the night tonight, I brought the muffins to work. I always get really nervous when I bring food I made to work, what if people don’t like it? (then they won’t eat it, is the simple answer. However I can’t accept without mass amounts of overanalyzing of the “if they don’t like my baked goods does that mean their opinion of me will go down?” variety). Turns out that in this case (and every case to date) my concerns were unnecessary, the pumpkin-chocolate-chip muffins are a success! Hooray!

There is something so satisfying when you bring food that you make to work and it disappears fast and you hear a lot of “wow, who brought these [insert item here]? they’re really good” ‘s, isn’t there? Or is that just some desperate search for approval on my part? (SAD, if so).


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