Posted by: Clare | February 26, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday (3)

Visit the conversion diary for other people’s quick takes. I always want to write “conversion” as “conversation” when I link there. Just me? Probably.

1. Conversation I had today at the doctor’s office:
Me: Hi! When I’ve had blood tests before they can never get blood out of either arm, they always end up going into my hand. I’d prefer it if you just tried my hand first, because I hate needles and getting stuck with one once is obviously preferable to three times…
Nurse: Well, they obviously weren’t skilled, we all have different skills. (wraps elastic thing around my upper arm)
Me: Uh…ok.
Nurse: (Tries unsuccessfully to draw blood from my left arm, then my right. Eventually gets the blood from my left hand)

Ugh. I did get a cool little snoopy band-aid though.

2. My TV stopped working on Friday. I gave it away on Craigslist on Monday, and on Thursday bought a new TV. I’d be really excited about it, but tuning it to actually receive TV is proving to be harder than it should be. Me + Technology = not a match made in heaven. Or a match at all, apparently.

3. I finally entered the world of touch screen telephones. I like the phone, but the touch screen thing definitely takes some getting used to. My texting style is cramped.

4. I have mentioned before that I am starting the process of looking for a “real job” for after I finish my MBA in August. I have been mostly looking at big strategic consulting firms that have office locations in Los Angeles and San Diego, since I am originally from the Los Angeles area and think it would be really cool to live near the beach. However, this morning on my drive to work I got to thinking that Southern California actually isn’t ideal in terms of allowing me to live the life I want and looking toward the future beyond just the next year or so. I got to work, did some random google search and found a posting for what is pretty much my dream job. At a small company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Winter is NOT my thing. I am applying for it anyway, and spent the entire day getting more and more excited about it. I truly feel that finding that job posting was a sign from God letting me know that my thoughts about California this morning were probably right. Obviously I may not get that job (I am a little under-qualified, and even if I was over-qualified it’s not as though competition for jobs isn’t intense right now!), though I am sort of setting my heart on it right now, but this has opened my eyes to the fact that I should not be narrow minded in my search.

5. I think I might go on a movie-date with myself tonight, especially if I can’t get my TV to work. Movies I want to see that are in the theaters at the moment: Dear John, Valentines Day, Shutter Island. Have you seen any of these? Thoughts?

6. I will post my New Orleans pictures soon.

7. I have barely worked out in the last two weeks. Tomorrow that will change.


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