Posted by: Clare | March 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday (4)

This week has been insane. I really dislike the whole “TGIF” thing, but if I didn’t, I’d definitely be saying it right now. Here are my quick takes, head over to Conversion Diary for other takes.

1. I actually managed several blog posts this week. It was starting to only consist of of Ten on Tuesday and Seven Quick Takes posts, so I’m feeling good about that.

2. My Church just did a three week series on “Biblical Manhood”. Week one was only the second time I had attended so of course my initial thought was “oh great, I chose the wrong time to come”. I mean, I saw how a series on manhood is relevant to men (obviously), and to women who are married or in serious relationships. But me? I am single and have been most of my life. I ended up really enjoying the series. As well as reminding me why I don’t want to “settle”, and the kind of man I should be (want to be) waiting for, it was just really interesting to me. If you are interested, I really recommend listening to all three parts here.

3. I sent my application for the job I found last week (the one in Michigan) on Tuesday and mailed the hard copy on Wednesday. I am now waiting to hear back. Waiting really isn’t fun.

4. I should probably apply to other jobs, too. Note to self.

5. This semester is kicking my butt. I do not know how I am almost at the end of this madness. I have a feeling that when I am done I won’t have any idea how to fill all my free time. Which is why I need to get that job in Michigan, so I can fill it with learning how to deal with winter (you’d think since I grew up in the coldest part of England that I’d be all “whatever” about winter, but my California and honorary-Texan-ifyouignorehowIlikemysteak roots are strong. I am a summer lover).

6. I signed up to do the Bunny Hop Swap after reading about it on Chelsea’s blog. I feel kind of bad for whoever makes my basket because I am not so much a chocolate lover. I am really excited to make an Easter basket for someone else though, I love doing that kind of stuff and I’ve never made one before!

7. Sort of a weird note to end this on, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I am hoping to hear back from the doctor soon about blood tests I did last Friday for potential thyroid issues. I want to fix whatever is going on because obviously health issues should be fixed, but also because my hair is falling out by the handfull, and that freaks me out something terrible. Long, thick hair is something I have always had no matter how ugly I felt the rest of me is. Now it seems thin, and is rapidly falling out. AHHHHHHHH.



  1. #7 After I had my 6th baby my hair started falling out and got really thin and straight. It worried me so much I kept asking my husband about it. I started to feel very vain as well. Turns out it was just hormomes from the baby, which I had never experienced before. Hope your tests come back ok.

    • Wow, I’ve never heard of that happening after a baby – it’s so interesting how the body works. And I am so in awe of you, SIX babies!

      Thank you =)

  2. I want to do the bunny hop swap too but I have no idea whose blog that is. do you? Would it be weird for me to do it when I’ve never even read that blog before?!??!

    • I hope not, because I’ve never read it before either! I added her to my blogroll today so that I didn’t lose the site, but I just found the link today from Chelsea’s blog and went and signed up for it. You should do it, I think it’s going to be fun! Although you have quite enough to be worrying about without making Easter baskets for strangers!

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