Posted by: Clare | March 6, 2010

New Orleans Pictures – Saturday, February 20

You can read about the trip here, and see the pictures from Friday here.

Loyola University

Right next door to Loyola, is Tulane University, where my father went for both undergrad and law school. And where I purchased some really comfortable flip-flops because my feet hurt so much from walking. Both Loyola and Tulane campuses are really pretty and definitely worth a quick wander. They are also opposite a pretty park that contains the zoo. I’ve never been to the zoo myself, but I’ve heard good things.

In the middle of the main quad on Tulane campus is this “bead tree”. I always mean to ask someone if there is a specific tradition regarding this tree but for some reason I never have. Does anyone know? I did some googling but am still clueless on the subject. Regardless, it’s so pretty.

Beads are visible year-round in New Orleans, but the week after Mardi Gras they are everywhere.

Of course New Orleans is also full of pretty houses, and Saints football fans. And Saints football fans who live in pretty houses.

Lafayette Cemetery. Kate’s friend who used to live in New Orleans told us that this is the only cemetery that is “safe for tourists”…which scares me a little. Regardless, it’s very pretty and worth seeing (although I’ll admit, we didn’t go further than a few feet inside the gate because we were on a schedule and didn’t have much time).


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