Posted by: Clare | March 8, 2010

In which I do not grow old gracefully

Alternate titles: “In which I have the worst hair day, ever” or “I do not recommend doing an MBA while working full-time”

I don’t have a clever introduction to this topic (really though, do I ever have clever introductions?), because I am too busy FREAKING. OUT.

Today I found my first grey hair. Or gray, if you spell it that way. I am too culturally confused to remember which spelling is correct in which country. FIRST. GREY. HAIR!

Unsurprisingly, I am not thrilled with this discovery.

I have found many phantom grey hairs during the past few years. I have pulled them out and run around showing anyone within a 50 foot radius asking, “is this a grey hair, I just found it! ahhhh!” only to realize that it was just a hair that had been lightened by the sun and that I am crazy and paranoid.

Not this time my friends. This time it is a legitimate grey hair. Just a couple of inches long, shining silver against my dark brown bangs. I spent a good ten minutes trying to pull it out, sitting at my desk holding my compact mirror in one hand and frantically sifting through my hair trying to grasp just the offending one. I finally got it, and stared at it for another long while before taking it to a few coworkers offices to share my freak-out moment.

Nobody else really thought it was a big deal. Which, in the grand scheme of the world it is obviously not. Even in the grand scheme of my world maybe it’s not, after all I don’t think that finding one baby grey hair today means that I will wake up tomorrow with a full head of silver (dear God, please let me not wake up tomorrow with a full head of silver). I think it is more the things that the grey hair symbolizes to me that I am freaking out about.

I am 27 (I had to actually figure that out earlier as I stood in my friend Katie’s office, “I’m 28! I’m too young to have grey hair! Wait…I’m 27! Ummm am I 28 or 27?”). This is not old. However, it is also not young. I’ve had a pretty full life so far, but there are so many things I hope to change before I get “old”. I still have a job (not a career). I still live in a tiny one bedroom apartment (I can’t even afford a freaking two bedroom! Or decent sized one bedroom!). I am single with no real liklihood of that changing anytime soon. I hope to find a career, I hope to travel more, I hope to meet a wonderful man, marry him and have children, I hope to own and decorate a home. I do not want grey hair before any of that happens! I also don’t really want to have to start dying my hair because it is expensive, and I really like my natural hair color.

This is far more than I am sure anybody ever wanted to know about my hair, or my tendancy towards freaking out about small things (on the plus side, I’m usually pretty good at staying calm during major events). Seriously though you guys, GREY HAIR! AHHHHHHH!

And breathe.



  1. My family’s favorite way of freaking me out? Telling me I have gray hair. I still don’t know if their telling the truth, because it’s always conveniently in a spot I can’t really see.

    • You’d better believe I’d be all up in the mirror with a second mirror inspecting every inch of my head if anyone tried to play that trick on me! And I am sure that now I have actually seen one I will be obsessively checking my hair 678687697 times a day (in case one grew in the last 5 minutes, obviously).

  2. I really hate gray hair, there is no way we can totally avoid gray hair but Biotin helps in delaying the appearance of more gray hair. *;;;’

    Take care

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