Posted by: Clare | March 22, 2010

Oh wow, I have a blog.

Sorry for neglecting this for a little while, it is currently that part of the semester. You know, the time when there are so many homework assignments you don’t know which to start first, so you procrastinate by watching reality TV and trying to sleep. Only you can’t sleep because you are stressing out about all that homework, so you watch more reality TV. So then you are just really tired and know more about the current Real World cast and Kendra Wilkinson than any self respecting 27 year old should know, and you still haven’t finished your homework. That part of the semester? Just me? So anyway, no excuses, I am a bad blogger and a really bad procrastinator of doing homework. But an excellent trashy TV watcher. You can’t win them all I guess.

On the subject of TV (and radio, which we weren’t on the subject of, but I’m throwing it in anyway), let’s talk commercials. Specifically, a couple of commercials that grind my gears.

Yoplait seamstress commercial

SERIOUSLY? This woman needs to just tell the poor seamstress what the heck she is talking about! “I ate this new awesome yogurt and it helped me lose a bunch of weight, so I need to take in all my clothes”. You did not eat all those delicious yet fattening things you just mentioned, lady – you ate a yogurt.

Any local car dealership commercial. Just annoying. If you live in the Austin area, the one I have in mind is the Kia guy. “If I can’t beat a new car Kia deal in Texas, I’m just gonna give it to ya”. Shut up, please.

The “Justin Case” Safe Auto car insurance commercials. The ones on the radio annoy me the most, but only because I haven’t seen it that much on TV. “Justin’s” smugness irritates me, as does the “clever” name. And no, “Justin”, you did not get hired for whatever position you claim to have been hired for in your radio commercial, and no people do not all love you and want to be your friend on facebook. YOU ARE A COMMERCIAL GIMMICK!

I’ll leave you with a less annoying one. This one makes me laugh every time I see it. Particularly the part where he says, “How about not.”


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