Posted by: Clare | March 24, 2010

Looks like I will not be running off to join the circus any time soon

Last night I took an “Aerial Static” class at Trapeze Austin with my friends Meaghan and Suzanne. I had no idea exactly what this would entail until I got there, we booked the class after I saw a 50% off coupon on Living Social and thought a “trapeze class” sounded like something fun and random to try.

As a side note before I get into trapeze-ing, that Living Social site is pretty cool. They e-mail you deals every day for your city, and you can either purchase them or not (a lot like the more well known Groupon, which I also just started using but haven’t bought any coupons from yet). So far I have bought two coupons from them, the 50% discount for the trapeze class, and one for $20 worth of food for $10 from a restaurant near my office that I split with a co-worker. They have a bunch of different cities on there. If you sign up for e-mails, do it through this link, and we both get some “deal bucks”!

It turns out that an “Aerial Static” class is intense! It was an amazing workout (my triceps are still burning, yay!). Picture Cirque du Soleil and all of the cool stuff they do on those fabric hanging things (“silks” is the technical term, I think), ropes, and trapezes. Then scale it wayyyyyyyyy back. That’s sort of what we were learning. But not exactly, because we are the equivilent of pre-kindegarteners at this sport (or maybe I should call it an art? it’s a bit of both I guess), so we were starting at the VERY beginning (which as Julie Andrews would tell us, is “a very good place to start”).

We got to try climbing a rope circus style, hanging from/sitting on/standing on/doing a couple of “tricks” on a trapeze, and doing some random trick type things with silks. I came into this endeavour fully aware that I have very little upper body strength, however I was not aware just HOW little. It was very embarrassing. Luckily our teacher was really patient and nice, and I have good friends that didn’t make me feel stupid, so I still had fun. I would definitely recommend trying something like this, and I plan on going back sometime (after working on my upper body strength so that I can get even more out of it). We are going to try the trapeze class next time, which is apparently a little less of a workout because a lot of it is momentum, but you get to fly around in the air (over a net, and I think strapped to a safety harness also) so it looks really fun and circus-y!


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