Posted by: Clare | March 30, 2010

“Life comes at you fast”, that commercial is not kidding

I was told last Thursday that I am very close to losing my job. They just can’t justify having two admins in the Austin office any more. I had a feeling it was coming, I was just hoping that it wouldn’t happen until after I have graduated/found a post-graduation job. There’s still a chance that it may not happen until then, but realistically I could become unemployed at any moment from April onwards. It’s definitely not fun living with such great uncertainty, and financially I really am not in a stable enough position that losing my regular source of income would be okay in any way. However, I had my little cry about it, and I’m hoping that I can stay calm and focus on doing my best at work for as long as I do have my job, doing well at school, and of course finding a new job.

I’ve applied for three jobs so far. Ideally I’d be pumping out dozens of applications every week, but those cover letters and application things take way longer than you’d expect and school/work also take up a crazy amount of time! That, and I really am not finding many positions relevant to anything I can or want to do. Which is crazy because I’m open to (almost) anywhere in the country so my search isn’t all that limited. One of my applications was rejected (actually, funny story – I got a rejection e-mail before I had even submitted the application through their online system. Good thing I didn’t have my hopes and dreams pinned on that one!). That was for one of THE consulting firms, in their Los Angeles office.

The two outstanding job applications are for companies located in Ann Arbor, Michigan (I applied a month ago, waiting is not fun…but no news is better than bad news, right? I hope) and Burbank, California. For obvious internet-search related reasons I will only be referring to my applications by location in this and future updates on my job-hunt. I’m really excited about both of these jobs, for totally different reasons. I’m both excited and terrified for the future – not knowing where I will be living or what I will be doing by the end of the year is very strange.

School is intense right now. In fact tonight I will likely be pulling my second all-nighter of the semester. I am way too old for this, I need my sleep these days in a way I just didn’t when I was doing my undergrad.


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