Posted by: Clare | April 5, 2010

I’m not good at dating, either.

It has occurred to me that looking for a job is exactly like dating.

As an example, I applied for a really great sounding job on March 2nd. One week later, on March 9th, I called and left a follow up message to my e-mail and snail mail resume/writing sample submissions – expressing interest and hoping to hear from the company soon. Two weeks after that (three weeks after the initial application), on March 23rd, I called again and left another voicemail expressing interest and hoping to hear back from them. Tomorrow it will be five weeks since I e-mailed my application documents, and I have heard nothing back. So of course I have run countless scenarios in my head: they are really busy, they already found someone (but I stalked them on facebook their website and their status still says single the job posting is still up, which I take to be a good sign), etc., etc.

In reality, there legitimately are any number of reasons why I have yet to hear anything (positive or negative), and why am I so bothered by it anyway?! if they stretch out the process it actually works in my favor (assuming I am not immediately in their reject pile, which is of course possible), since I’m not available to start work outside of Austin until August.

I feel like I am dealing with a dating situation. I am interested, and I want them to know I’m interested. But I don’t want to seem desperate or pushy because that’s a turn off. Yet I don’t want them to think I’m no longer interested. So how many follow up calls and/or e-mails is enough? How many is too much? It’s such a fine line! And since not all companies even send that standard rejection letter or e-mail these days, at what point do you give up and accept that he’s just not into you?



  1. It’s such a fine line to walk…too desperate and they don’t want you, slack off and they’ll forget about you. I honestly can’t help you much here, because applying to be a nanny (only job I’ve ever had) is so much different. I haven’t even needed a resume for the last three families I interviewed with!
    Anyway, the point of this comment was to say good luck! 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s definitely a very fine line.

      I considered nannying a while back (right after college), I LOVED my old job working with kids (I worked in the daycare at a gym). However I was scared I’d be put off having my own kids and since I really want them someday I decided against that!

  2. The whole job search process is tough. I’m just starting out for what I will do when we move back to Texas a little over a year from now. I wish the process was simpler…the last time I was looking for a job (when I first moved to Germany), it took entirely too long.

    Good luck to you – are you interested in moving to a particular city/area or are you open to whatever?

    • Ok duh, your previous post said you’re open to anywhere. Sorry for the stupid question!

    • I’d like to stay in Austin – but realistically I will probably have to move. Good luck with your search too – do you know if you will be coming back to Austin, or San Antonio when you move back? Sorry if you have answered that question before and I missed it!

  3. Thanks. We were going back to San Antonio and still will at some point, but for the next couple of years, we’ll be in Austin. It’s still kind of under wraps right now, because we want to wait to tell a few people in person before we post it to our blog/facebook.

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