Posted by: Clare | April 7, 2010

Easter Treats!

I was a part of the Bunny Swap hosted by Pippy at Pippy’s Perspective, and today (USPS didn’t want me to get treats in time for Easter, apparently) I got my basket from my partner Christina at Our Happy Little Family. I have never received (or made) an Easter Basket before, so this is somewhat of a Big Deal for me.

Before I get to showing off my treats, I want to publicly apologize to poor Christina, my first time making an Easter Basket I was so excited that I completed it two weeks before Easter. It then sat in my fridge (I live in Texas, chocolate melts!) until after Easter. Fail. So it was mailed this week, and hopefully she will forgive me for my Easter faux-pas.

Onto the treats!

Cute Easter bag. I love the pom poms on the handles!

A little yellow chick dish and dish towel.

decals, you can’t see the bottom ones as well in the picture but they are gel decals in the shape of bunnies and eggs. Adorable!

Candy! bubble gum eggs, jelly beans and a super cute marshmallow kabob. I don’t want to ruin the kabob by eating it!

coasters (LOVE!), egg ornament paint set, cute little note pads, and a bunny that will grow when I put it in water.

Also in the basket (for some reason the picture won’t post): a hollow plastic bunny with 2 tiny containers of bubbles inside, a windup hopping bunny, 2 grape flavor lip balms and 2 body sprays.

I am spoiled. Thank you Christina! I hope you enjoy my basket as much as I love yours. I was hungry when I went shopping for yours… you will probably be able to tell.



  1. I am so happy you liked it. I was not sure what to get as this was my first bunny swap. I am sorry it took so long for you to get it I figured sending it 6 day early would be plenty of time but I guess not. Anyways I am happy we got to do this together as our first time.

    • yeah USPS was slow, I would definitely think 6 days would be long enough! I love it, thank you so much =)

  2. she did good.

    • very!

  3. Those coasters are too cute!
    I’m glad you had fun getting to know your partner!
    Thanks for participating!

    • Thank you for hosting, it was such a great idea 🙂

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