Posted by: Clare | April 17, 2010

week in pictures.

Every time I think I have something to write about, something else happens that takes up my time and then I forget to write a blog. Mostly I have been doing homework, going to work, going to class and…yep, that covers it. In other words, not a whole lot of fun. I have 3 weeks of this semester left though, and then I start my LAST semester of my MBA. I think I just heard choirs of angels singing. Actually I just heard a giant clap of thunder because Austin appears to be experiencing tropical storm 2010…hopefully that is not an omen for next (or the rest of this) semester.

So, since my brain is pretty much blank right now on account of copious amounts of homework, I give you a selection of random pictures I have taken in the past week.

OK, I lied. This was taken on March 27. At one of my new favorite places, Abel’s on the Lake, where I spent a relaxing Sunday early afternoon with my friends Monica and Erin drinking mimosas and bloody marys, soaking up the sun and people watching.

And onto this week.

I made PW’s Baked Lemon Pasta, and it was delicious. It was also delicious for another 4 meals (I cook for myself and don’t bother to adjust recipes to account for this). For one of the leftovers meals I threw in some feta cheese, I recommend that addition.

I also made Poppy Seed Bread from Kitchen Belleicious. It didn’t work out for me. I have no idea where I went wrong, but it just didn’t taste right. Not bad, necessarily. just not right. I found that I was picking at it anyway just because it was there, so I ended up throwing it out to save the calories from mindless eating. Maybe I will attempt this again another time.

I also made warm fruit compote to eat with ice cream. As you can see I was all kinds of unhealthy this week. This would be much healthier if you ate it with non fat frozen yogurt, but I couldn’t find a brand that looked good to me in the store so I went the ice cream route this time. It was amazing.

While we are on the subject of all the unhealthy things I made this week, I need to tell you about the sandwich I made. White bread (the more “rustic” the better, but I just used Nature’s Own or some other grocery store brand), Camembert cheese, whole cranberry sauce, a dash of balsamic vinegar. Grilled. BEST. SANDWICH. EVER. It is more of a fall/cold weather taste I think, so I may stash those cheese calories away until September or so, but it is definitely my new favorite sandwich. Tied with the veggie sandwich minus the mayo (sick) from Russel’s Bakery.

OK, back to the pictures.

Please excuse my unmade bed, ill fitting sheet, and the fact that I use a can of Raid as a door stop. Also the bad lighting of the picture. I just really needed to share the “freaky light globe incident” with you. On Wednesday I came home to eat some lunch, to find the following.

The white thing on the floor at the front of the picture is the globe thing that goes over the ceiling fan bulb in my bedroom, which you can partially see up there through the door. Somehow the globe fell from its spot in the ceiling fan (which by the way is not above the bed, it is above the floor) and traveled diagonally (sort of around a corner in fact!) through a door before breaking. I am still clueless as to the physics of this.

I love Spring. I love it even more in climates that have “real” spring, but in Texas we have a glimmer of it. This picture of wildflowers was taken through my car window (at a red light) on my commute to work one morning. Beautiful.

As I mentioned earlier, we had a tropical storm tonight (it seems to have died down now as far as I can tell). I went to my office for a few hours today, leaving at around 7.30pm. The combination of the storm and sunset made the sky all glowy and the trees really green. The pictures don’t do it justice, it was an almost other worldly atmosphere. The fact that I was the only person around definitely added to that vibe



  1. Even though we’ve been having the warm weather associated with spring, we’re still lacking the green and flowers. We still need a good rain before that happens, but I don’t even think it’s rained once here this year!

  2. that post made me so very hungry.

    I make PW’s lemon pasta ALL the time. Except I’m lazy so I don’t follow the recipe to a T…I bet it’d be way better if I did.

  3. Eek. Green usually means ahil. Did it hail?

    And the fan light globe incident is pretty creepy!

    • Surprisingly it didn’t hail! At least not at my apartment/work, it may have somewhere else.

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