Posted by: Clare | March 21, 2011

Costa Rica, in pictures

It feels like twenty years ago at this point, but in June of last year I visited Costa Rica for the first time! Anyone who has been around for a while may recall my complaints about the cost of the plane ticket, but thankfully my bitterness over that had subsided by the time I was ready to leave.

I was in Costa Rica for “work” (as part of my MBA program I did some global consulting projects), so I didn’t get to as many places or do as much as I would have had it been a vacation trip, but we still managed to sneak in some fun. We stayed at Punta Leona Resort, on the Pacific Ocean side of the country, near Jaco.

Playa Blanca

The setup for our “welcome dinner” – overlooking the beach view above. I can totally picture a wedding here.

wandering around Punta Leona Resort

I was very excited to see avocado trees

Scarlet Macaw

Punta Leona’s food was amazing – full, fresh buffets (and I am not usually a buffet person) 3 times a day…yet somehow I didn’t gain weight! My favorite part was the fresh fruit.

One of our mealtime companions. These little guys are very cheeky and bold – they jump down and grab food (and other things, don't leave your camera or wallet on the table!) the second anyone stepped away from their table


Punta Leona has a ziplining course on site. This was definitely a highlight of the trip for me!

We took a day trip to Tortuga island – it was as idyllic as it looks.

View from Tortuga.

We went snorkeling from Tortuga Island and I don’t recommend that – we didn’t see any fish. I may be spoiled, having had my first real snorkeling experience in Belize, but I was really disappointed. I imagine the snorkeling on the Caribbean side of the country is a lot better.

I hope to make it back to Costa Rica someday, but even on this work trip I feel like I got to see what all the fuss is about – it’s beautiful! A heads up though: wear sunscreen, and don’t expect your hair to stay pretty. Within 5 minutes my hair was totally Monica.


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